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Earl-Grey´s offspring: NEWS!!!

22.3. + 25.3.2009 - Earl-Grey mated beautiful girl Ch. I´m Smarti Gasko Prim in kennel Gasko Prim i

Cz Jch. Pl Cro Ch. I´m Smarti Gasko Prim and Cz Jch. Cz Sk Ch. Earl-Grey z Černobílých


Puppies could be black-white, blue merle, chocolate-white, red merle, blue-white, slate merle, everything possible with tan. This puppies will be very suitable for shows and breed (look at pedigree), but also for sports.
Boths parents have HD A, CL DNA Normal, TNS DNA Normal, both are glaucoma free.

Cz Jch. Pl Cro Ch. I´m Smarti Gasko Prim
Smarti is beautiful black-white girl with excellent pedigree and many successes on shows. She has nice character and instinct fo sheep herding.

Health - CEA DNA Normal, CL DNA Normal a TNS DNA Normal (by parents)
           HD A, PRA neg.
Shows - Junior champion, Poland champion, Special show 2006 Youth Winner, Club winner 2006, 
           3x CAJC, 2x CAC, 3x CWC, 4x CAC CRO, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB
Father: MultiCh. Tonkory Valley of the Storm:  
          Champion of Netherlands, German, United Kingdom, Denmark, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Switzerland,
          Luxemburg Junior Champion, Bundessieger 07, German Club Champion 
         European Youth Champion 02, Europa Sieger 04, European Champion 07 
          HD A, CEA DNA Normal, CL DNA Normal, TNS DNA Normal
Mother: Ich. Ch. JCh. Tosari Czech This Out: Interchampion, Czech champion, Czech Junior Champion, 
         Middle-European Winner, Club champion, National Winner, 7
x CAJC, 7x CAC, 2x CACIB, res.CACIB, BOB 
          HD A, CEA DNA Normal, CL DNA Normal, TNS DNA Normal
          exams: obedience: ZZO, ZOP, ZPU1, tracking + obedience + defence: ZM, ZVV1, sheepherding instinct: ZVOP


1.3.2009 - born 5 puppies in kennel Ganden Monge after Earl-Grey z Černobílých and Accra Moonvillage

Jch. Ch. Earl-Grey z Černobílých and Accra Moonvillage.

Carillon                        Corin                             Coraline                 Corine                  Cookie
boy, black-white         boy, black-white            girl, black-white      girl, black-white   girl, blue merle
photos here                 photos here                   photos here           photos here         photos here

30.6.2008 - puppies in kennel Ganden Monge after Earl-Grey z Černobílých and Accra Moonvillage

6 puppies: 2 blue merle boys, 1 blue merle girl, 1 black-white boy a 2 black-white girls. All are nice coloured. 

+ =

Blueberry G.M.       Bessy G.M.                                       Brendy G.M.

girl, blue merle        girl, black-white                           girl, black-white
photos here            hotos here                                photos here

Benji G.M.                               Barny G.M.                        Boony G.M.
boy, blue merle                   boy, blue merle               boy, black-white
photos here                        photos here                    photos here

Accra Moonvillage
Accra is black-white bitch and she is doing agility.
Health- DKK 0/1 (HD A), CEA DNA Normal
Shows - excellent 

Father: Wendevick Zephyr: JCh. Cz, Ch. Cz, Club Ch.KCHMPP, 7x CACIB, 27x CAC, 5x BOB, BIG 3, 
         6x CAJC, 2x Club winner, Club junior winner, 6x res.CACIB, 13x res.CAC 
          LA1, ZOP, canistherapy exam
          HD A, CEA DNA Normal, CL DNA Normal, TNS DNA Normal

Mother: Aine Lusika: ex. 2 
           works with sheeps
           DKK 0/0, PRA/CEA neg.


22.2.2008 - puppies after Earl-Grey and Tambhe Bohemia Alké were born in kennel Bohemia Patrix
Tambhe´s photos are
here, photos of puppies together here.

7 puppies: 4 boys (1 blue merle/tan, 2 slate merle, 1 black/white), 3 girls (black/white)
+  =   +  =

Art Attack: boy, slate merle, VP2, photos here

All for One: boy, slate merle, VP1, Best puppy on Club show BCCCZ, web

Arrow of the Sky: boy, blue merle and tan, web

Alien´s Time: boy, black-white, VP1, photos here 

Astute Witch: girl, black-white, photos here

As Avalanche: girl, black-white, VP3 on Club show BCCCZ, web

Answer by Ask: girl, black-white, VP1, photos here

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